The Year That Was….Farewell 2014…

As you all might have guessed, my resolution for 2015 is to write more often (let’s see how long that lasts *giggle*). I would much prefer editing to writing any day but I guess one needs to hone other skills, what with this economy and all.  For my first post in 2015, I decided to recap the wow-ok-meh moments of 2014 (my own version of that Facebook year thingie).

The Year That Was (in photos)….

JANUARY: PCA (Delena and Supernatural), Weddings, New Year, Anniversaries and all that jazz! Was introduced to Honey Singh and aaj blue hai paani paani paani paani paani paani…NAAAAHI…


FEBRUARY: More weddings, parties, avoiding questions about my single status and generally hating on Valentine’s Day!


MARCH: Binge-watched Sherlock (such a good series), a few good laughs with AIB at Royal Turds 2014, Lent (no meat no booze *crie*), one decent profile picture (which I used across all social accounts) captured at Candies and I was introduced to this wonderland called Chocolateria San Churros..yum…

1520742_10153987921960319_1591205287_n 2014-03-02 13.33.33-1 1896743_10153940228805319_234189390_n910c5aad02a8931665afe85f15629908

APRIL: Easter (nom nom nom), Voted, more Sherlock, the awful HIMYM finale episode and was introduced to Game of Thrones and The Mindy Project (sleep, what is that?)

1005548_10154023512445319_3354003597948701497_n 10154063_10152401124606617_1958858477162254658_n 10176150_10154104970790319_7994484882318363695_n 10300319_10154077736275319_4513363766386773329_nMindyQuotes_zpsce150ce9feelings-lots

MAY: I went broke… phone (iPhone *showoff*), lots of food and 10-year friendship celebratory trip to GOAAAAAAAAAAAAA (sun, beach, sand, food, booze, dolphins)! How I wish we didn’t have to come back! Penultimate day of May was epic too, IPL semi-final at Wankhede!! Go Punjab! Woohoo!!

12099_10154144410520319_3140923476433978569_n 1979647_10154104970675319_6344468280631130074_n 10155521_10154148899605319_3247753645796033646_n 10320490_10154144352650319_2528089222881219944_n10245489_10154147942245319_2998467098433383107_n 10256419_10154139678790319_1283057382372432437_n 10262011_10154143915750319_753110826115724656_n 10262038_10154147832675319_257867551889647980_n10312475_10154150989110319_1340962302098014369_n 10310686_10154147866850319_3947272634616855726_n 10330272_10154144347255319_1117562411477844044_n 10334346_10154139213590319_7081589337631245343_n10371437_10154151135245319_7602208630848661361_n 10346000_10154140068275319_3126457577963956087_n1982076_10154147969245319_5407776326030179794_n 10269542_10154147763560319_139407599128377405_n 10402032_10152491854491617_5287617945709442861_n 10426773_10152491854656617_4797147402467846906_n

JUNE: Nadal’s birthday, birth of an Instagram addict (my poor friends *evil laugh*), Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo (KKR IPL champs again), learnt the difference between macaron and macaroon, became a fan of Superwoman (Wuddup), FOOTBALL WORLD CUP (too bad my team, Spain, lost, but oh well, Miroslav, I mean Germany, won. Yay.) and voted Aunty of the Year (yes in June *wink*)

10302100_10154222230840319_7590704213115978435_n10305964_10154111253280319_2509051224686146366_n 10296573_10154111002205319_4940810723253436032_n 10334367_10154115348250319_5681939584303135567_n 10336693_10154109201475319_4525126012996776348_na68a1cd786d6bb20de35b30d131e19d2SRK-with-KKR-IPL-201410365944_10154228146555319_6143672855091485808_n10300897_10154267012005319_4687165567528682260_n10462647_10154298491285319_9130624898547234091_n

JULY: Germany won the World Cup, friend called me a Grammar Nazi, spent half my salary on books (You know you love me, Crossword), and short-but-fun trip to Pune/Lonavala: Peter’s Pan, Cooper’s and Wax Museum (still suck at taking selfies)

1907758_10154402774205319_5596341359501144827_n 1909619_10154403299175319_3491992835171981436_n 10015167_10154405846690319_6131805945429566510_n 10427358_10152286241089998_2878193004429683824_n 10433111_10154402406165319_6279223346330219138_n 10433132_10154402790005319_6920659933802653783_n 10451054_10154406310190319_4632403278045221960_n 10487583_10154402118115319_4850235732144814676_n 10488092_10154385661720319_751851447670676769_n 10488112_10154385659440319_9132925231758681448_n 10492055_10154405853720319_7077138686516873824_n10245366_10154403096235319_2949360712329844586_n10377356_10154405901780319_3658345190798676894_n10407007_10154403096345319_6797477615106998809_n10446361_10154403084610319_8536476822293706006_n10464211_10154403098380319_620230631182286389_n10509676_10154406318060319_1440939681663120934_n10410859_10152951906664085_3541861833860373345_n

AUGUST: Friendship Day, was introduced to a couple of pretentious dudes called Kanan and Biswa, bought a Manchester United jersey with my mehnat-ki-kamai, Dunkin Donuts (meh), fell in love with Sangria, hic hic hic (aur shooters lao) at The United, Bangalore trip (finally met Neha, MTR, Woody’s, Matteo, shopping, broke, etc.) and (obviously) more food…

927416_1453414198251977_1044453946_n 1965026_10154458004745319_6153275187213870528_n 10502016_10154454990370319_2816180939233289442_n 10547031_562016563910481_1285527606_n 10547247_536576539802545_658805166_n 10561066_1535780436641994_96976081_n 10593243_749673698431817_1133147652_n 10601766_254428048100503_2122791770_n 10601827_809534969086457_1555910716_n 10644016_749657408407022_948598536_n yofeater10598487_728480227188105_281159894_n10598609_405259746272381_128343908_n10598765_1474882122765183_563298620_n10608068_1458893674387768_275117642_n10665964_1481081075473830_1271026263_n

SEPTEMBER: Supernatural, 5 years at Cenveo (gulp), Ice/book bucket challenge (yawn), fangirled over Fawad, hated on Sonam, fell in love with Le Cafe all over again (spaghetti in pesto sauce, lasagne, cheesecake *yum*), same old same old…

927123_705531552845957_1355143976_n 929196_606584872794498_1538386490_n 10616868_291544291032198_644273284_n khoobsurat-2_650_072114105025 10615453_10154569110480319_5454477620942803697_nfunny-ice-bucket-challenge-meme-610723875_729928880377937_1666990315_n10723933_663758903738693_1430448469_n

OCTOBER: Diwali (besan ladoos), bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab (bad log bade log), wore coloured pants for the first time (Govinda moment), finally watched Vir Das’ History of India (Kavi Shastri *drool*), travelled by the Mumbai Metro, more food (Moshes, Imbiss, Suzette, TGIF, etc)…

926832_795041583870247_1011850735_n1168389_1509704655942758_12660435_n10724757_625803994197698_430638088_n10727272_730630697024160_1210394785_n10727328_298482333684815_775379905_n10727525_369088716590634_1620249465_n10729390_1554610324752687_918858478_n925325_297032047169935_1976600958_n 925574_582888521817931_77994040_n 926228_1488441364776065_313394586_n 928030_581792728610273_695083874_n 1169913_1488366988082899_1994483925_n 1516614_712744435478885_1148360901_n 10576147_659449764152856_320338712_n 10598685_643520662436023_104169428_n 10693239_1498653163723900_953673656_n 10723985_801002089963886_189462253_n10693329_805255919497972_1194213391_n10727763_299385156935316_1563893459_nMUMBAI_METRO_1938506f

NOVEMBER: MET BARUN SOBTI (most epic fangirl moment ever, thank you Starbucks), SRK’s birthday, Delena Rain Kiss (holy, it actually happened), Krispy Kreme (yum), watched a LOT of movies (Interstellar, Kill Dil, Big Hero 6, Nightcrawler, Happy Ending, Happy New Year, Penguins of Madagascar), 200th episode of Supernatural, Benedict Cumberbatch got engaged (boohoo) and…yes….more food

91db1ae361a3c235a26d2fe3b7501453 925334_652079711574306_151061110_n 1515908_621495927960949_452894104_n 10617054_1536612363249453_1145871638_n 10689966_10154813146605319_543542561347959775_n 10693533_770204456358465_7026941_n 10747864_890823234270463_429714712_n 10748339_1511232809128409_1935230312_n 10809940_1475023322742256_916733498_n 10810084_1573911599494670_836961903_n 10817738_404405016375855_1528938974_n mgid-uma-image-mtv 1515558_573250102776622_349316404_n PhotoFunia_122336939

DECEMBER: Happy Budday to me (received some awesome bday presents), Main Aur Mr Right (watched it twice, Hotwa ke liye kya kya karna padta hai), Another trip to Bangalore, MET KANAN GILL (hotness), shots at Toit, AIB Knockout (Bollywood bashing, yes please), bachpan ke yaars got married, successful Secret Santa/family Xmas pot lunch, Harry Potter DVDs (best Xmas gift ever), night out with the cousins, LOL of course…..more food and booze….The End….

924125_602305783208504_1180555516_n 10520263_310301312502842_1472632213_n 10802886_374618869365054_375004653_n 10817651_1375253056104536_465221656_n 10817793_313637468844432_1110716623_n 10838301_683624481754914_747624432_n 10838334_1579556895609451_989263541_n 10838432_416613051826852_111441464_n 10844209_313293685528593_931101374_n 10844255_716968648399134_1053729836_n 10848321_1528815530709126_2100529826_n 10852659_326288950905734_1802674692_n 10852975_1504250456521889_1413242773_n 10864710_339698186223632_616535015_n 10864876_840094686055370_462412129_n 10881842_358026754369239_356326195_n 10890723_1559328304311469_1311937500_n 10895046_1535018290088463_1966280371_n 10899254_913726875304779_1048856701_n10817969_1550568648522951_2052860149_n 10848471_308624516003537_737373772_n 10890877_998094513552725_262119006_n10818014_825569147488830_568472692_n10881979_713364448760437_1221020055_n10890875_1581144355452582_644122038_n10894924_957876384240243_455507388_n1549370_10155004527110319_6935913933409180716_n1908165_10153431436804202_1823110280583968563_n10891497_10155004526275319_7026696215735544581_n

So 2014 was basically weddings, food, Royal Turds, food, Goa trip, food, drinks, IPL match, food, Pune trip, food, Bangalore trip, food, drinks, binge-watched TV shows, food, made Crossword richer, food, Met Barun Sobti, food, movies, Bangalore trip, food, MAMR, drinks, Met Kanan Gill, food, AIB Knockout, Xmas, food, drinks, Happy Budday, food, Happy New Year!

Umm…Maybe this should have been a food blog eh? This is how you recap the year that went by, Facebook!

Happy 2015 everyone! More food, booze, movies, trips to follow! As for changing my single status…never mind *wink*



9 thoughts on “The Year That Was….Farewell 2014…

  1. Happy New Year!!!
    This is a very nicely compiled journey of the year gone by. I loved the food pics. I’m feeling hungry and it’s all your fault. 😛
    Hayee Barun Sobti!!! I’ve come to the pleasant yet painful realization that I can never get enough of this man and he won’t even know it (that’s the painful part).
    Now coming to the last pic – same to same. From where can we get a non-fictitious character whom we’re attracted to or can get attracted to? It’s impossible because movies/TV shows/books have all taken them otherwise we would have had such a long list. AD sucks!! Not actually though 😉
    Keep writing. Hoping to see more posts from you.
    PS: Now I also know the difference between Macaron and macaroon.

  2. Lovely recap . One helluva food blogger you would make. I sit here feeling so jealous seeing all that variety of food!!

    All in all a very happening year with loads of food,fun,fangirling and fantasies.

    Must say the technological advances you have made this year are spectacular! (If only my memory had been as good 😔)

  3. Wow!! This is so beautifully compiled.
    And best thing is,it started with your family photo😊
    Fooooddd pics😍..lots n lots of them..seema is right now i am too feeling hungry😃.
    Life is not perfect,but we can make it perfect by filling some perfect moments in it.this past year journey of yours is perfect example E😊
    As they say…
    An empty stomach needs food,an empty brain needs knowledge,an empty house needs a family nd an empty heart needs love.but then,an empty life definitely needs a friend,daughter,aunt n good human being like you who spread smiles n love to the people around😊
    Next the other best thing happened in last year is you n seema met ur hotwa sobti ji😉..i am very happy for you both,not only that u both met him coz of that you both started hoping for best things in life..never loose your hope buddies..that best day will come for u both soon(may be in this year only😊).always trust in ur heart.n live the life happily,will pray for more magical n memorable moments for u this year.

    And if possible let me too join in ur photos this year😃😊😘
    I think this is lengthy comment had ever written🙈😃

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